PB&J Better Bites

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Tastes like childhood. Our delightful Very Berry Bites tossed with Butter Nutty Bites results in something reminiscent of a yummy, gooey, peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Yum! 

This is a FAST SHIP item and generally ships within 3-5 days of order. Adding to a large, custom, or complex order may increase these times.

*New and Improved Better Bites Promise! Our Cold Pressed Bites are now more dense than before, so you get more per bag! All "Normal size" bags are now guaranteed to weigh 1 pound 8 oz (1 1/2 pounds) or more! If you receive a bag that weighs less, simply snap a picture showing it sealed and on a scale, and send it to me! We will send you another full bag FREE!* This applies to new and old orders! :)

**Now Available in more size and storage options! 1.5 pound bags, 2.5 Pound Pails, 5 Pound Pails, and 7.5 Pound Pails!!** Save 5% of 5 Pound Pails, and 10% on 7.5 Pound Pails!

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min) ...............13%         Crude Fat (min) ........................3.7%

Crude Fiber (max) ...................5.4%      Moisture (max) ........................14%

Omega-3 Fatty Acids...............6.8%      Omega-6 Fatty Acids...............27.9%

Omega-9 Fatty Acids ...............28.2%   Total Digestible Nutrients ........86.4%

*Why do we list the Total Digestible Nutrients when other companies don't, and what does it mean? Total Digestible Nutrients refers to how much of each pellet is bioavilable and immediately digestible for use by the body. Many pellets are filled with empty calories from things like corn and soy, seed hulls, and roughage like alfalfa, making them hard to digest and not very bioavailable to the body. We use real ingredients, that our birds really need.  We don't believe in using "apple flavoring" when real apples are better! The result is a pellet that really is BETTER! That's why we call them Better Bites!

Full Better Bites Ingredients:

*Spelt Flour, *Rice Flour, *Almond Flour, *Flax Seed, **Sweet Potato, *Red Quinoa, *White Quinoa, *White Millet, *Buckwheat, *Rolled Oats, *Semolina, *Brown Rice, **Beet Pulp, *Coconut Flour, *Sesame Seeds, *Chia Seeds, *Milk Thistle, *Bee Pollen, *Hemp Hearts, **Apples, **Pears, **Red Cabbage, **White Cabbage, *Chamomile, *Lemon Grass, *Dandelion Greens, *Rose Buds, Rosemary, *Cloves, *Ceylon Cinnamon, **Dry Molasses, **Mixed Baby Greens, Cilantro, *Carrots and Carrot Tops, *Beet Tops, **Zucchini, **Sweet Peppers, **Butternut Squash, **Pumpkin (seasonal), Clover Sprouts, Alfalfa Sprouts, Radish Sprouts, Lentil Sprouts, Chickpea Sprouts, Adzuki Bean Sprouts, Mung Bean Sprouts, Whole Oat Sprouts, Contains less than 5% of any of the following flavor additions (Sweet Heat: **Dried Baby Peppers, *Cayenne, and *Ceylon Cinnamon)(Tropical: **Mango, **Banana, **Strawberries, **Oranges, **Pineapple)(Pumpkin Spice: **Pumpkin, **Apples, *Nutmeg)(Very Berry: **Blueberries, **Raspberries, **Pomegranate, **Blackberries, **Strawberries, *Beets, *Cranberries)(Edgy Veggie: **Red and White Cabbage, *Broccoli, **Green Beans, **Peas, *Carrots and Tops, **Mustard Greens, **Collard Greens, *Spinach)(Butter Nutty: *Almonds, *Walnuts, *Powdered Peanut Butter, *Cashew Butter, *Almond Butter), **Dry Whole Egg, *Coconut Milk, **Avian Full Spectrum Daily Supplement (Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Phosphate, Yeast, Vitamin A Acetate, Beta Carotene FCC, Vitamin D3, Folic Acid USP, Sodium Selenite, Potassium Iodide USP, Vitamin K, Biotin.), and *Citric Acid (a natural preservative to maintain freshness).

*Certified Organic Ingredient

**NonGMO Ingredient

*Avian Full Spectrum Vitamin Supplement is not added to Eclectus Better Bites, VitaFree, or Truly Naturals.

PB&J is a mix of Butter Nutty and Very Berry Bites. PB&J with Bits: includes a mix of **Brazil Nuts, *Cashews, *Filberts, *Pine Nuts, *Pistachios, *Pepitas, *Almonds, *Pecans, *Strawberries, *Blueberries, *Raspberries, *Lemon Grass, *Orange Zest, *Hibiscus, and *Blackberries.