Sprout Stack

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Are you missing some of our sprouts and Sproutables that didn't make the cut when we slimmed product inventory? Are you just looking for a great deal on sprouts, but aren't picky as to which ones? This is the box for you! Available as a one-time purchase as needed, or set it up to arrive automatically each month at a discounted rate!

Each box contains a random mix of whatever sprouts or Sproutables we have on hand for fastest shipping and no wait! Simply choose Sprouted or Sproutables, and what size box you'd like! Available as a One Time purchase, or a recurring monthly box!

  • Sprouted = Washed and sprouted for 2-3 days, Dried and ready to eat!
  • Sproutables = RAW, not washed or sorted, must be sprouted prior to eating.

Small = 2-4 Pouches

Medium = 3-5 Pouches

Large = 4-6 Pouches, OR pouches plus a 1 Pound Tub!

*If ordered alone, this box ships within 5 business days. Adding to a complex order of multiple items may increase your wait time.