How it all Started

Meet Wayley! The little Severe Macaw that started it all. Wayley was wanted for a very long time, but it just seemed it wasn't meant to be. Then one day, we stumbled across someone who had Severe babies!
Wayley came home and life was grand. But as he began to transition to "real food", we quickly noticed a serious lack in the "parrot food" industry. Our choices were basically pellets, or seeds, or freshly prepared meals every day. Where was the middle ground for the average person? There wasn't one! I did not want my new baby to ever even taste a pellet! So, Wayley's Dailies was born!
At Wayley's Dailies, we've put everything we've got into studying Avian nutrition, even before Wayley came home. We also understand that not everyone has a Veterinary Nurse in the home, or the years of schooling it can take to make sense of the complex dietary needs of our feathered friends. That's why we're here to help!
We've done all the work for you. Every product we produce is 100% safe for any feathered being, and even YOU! In fact, while we legally have to tell you that our products are not for human consumption, they are 100% human food and we actually encourage you to try some!
We've designed things here to help you. If you are brand new to feeding Chop and Veggies in general, we have a multitude of Chop mixes with all the nutritional calculating done for you, and ready to feed. If you are starting to grasp things but still could use some help, we have a detailed Guide to Building a Proper Chop. If you're a pro at fresh feeding, then you will enjoy just having a look around at all the Yummies!
We'd also like to remind you that everything we produce is made by hand, right in our kitchen, not in some factory. Our own personal pet birds test each product before it becomes available to you. If they don't approve, we scrap it and start over! Sometimes this means your order might take a few days. Please be patient, quality takes time!
Need more help? Check out my Blogs on everything from nutrition to training and behavior! And, you can call or text, or message me any time with questions!