About Us

Wayley's Dailies is a small, 2 employee business that produces each and every product we make by hand. We do not have a factory and all of our products are produced right in our tiny home kitchen. Our products are not produced in large batches, to sit on a shelf somewhere until they're ordered. Each order is generally produced as it comes in, and as such, you may experience a wait time based on the size of your order, or its complexity. 

Special Orders, Allergen Orders, or other Special Requests are done 1 day a week (generally Saturdays) to ensure no risk of contaminate. We gently ask that you please keep this in mind when placing your order on a Sunday evening. We make sure that an order with a peanut allergy is carefully produced on a day that NO peanuts or peanut products are even touched.

We make every product completely by hand. This means that we frost every cupcake, bake every cookie, and roll out every order of Better Bites. By hand, with just my husband and I, working 12+ hour days. We also grow all of our own sprouts, so when ordering MicroGreens you may have an 8 day wait while they grow, if they have not already been started.

We use only 100% Human Grade foods, no animal feeds or animal products. This means you can store our "bird food" in the exact same manner you store YOUR food! We also use NO preservatives, and NO chemical drying agents, which are bad for your bird. The result is sometimes a not-as-pretty looking product, but we assure you, your bird will think it's delicious!

We do not freeze dry our foods. Freeze drying actually works by breaking down the molecular structure of the food as it freezes, which results in a loss of some nutrients. Not saying it's bad, just stating the science of how things work.

We use a system referred to as "slow air drying" which works much in the same way as drying raisins in the sun. It is technically "dehydrating", however our machines are set as low as 90 to ensure a slow air dry, rather than 'cooking' the products. Thus resulting in more of the nutrients of the food remaining. Of course both methods will never replace fresh or raw feeding, but they are meant to help you fill in the nutritional gaps when feeding solely fresh isn't an option. And both are still FAR better options than feeding the ICKY stuff in processed pellets and seed diets!

We are only 2 people and we've grown very quickly! Please keep in mind when you place your order, that as many as 20 others just placed their orders today, too! We try very hard to process orders as they are received, and as such this does mean you will experience a wait time. Please plan ahead and order ahead of time! Very large orders (20+ pounds of chop or Better Bites) will be a wait. We are able to produce roughly 20 pounds of Better Bites each day, but we cannot strictly run only Better Bites every day, as we must also make all the other things, too! :)

Each one of you is very important to us, but no one is more important than another. We do very occasionally use what we call the "Order Bump" system. We do not prioritize orders ahead of others for an "Order Bump", UNLESS:

1) We have PERSONALLY spoken and the order is for an ill, or recovering bird and the need is immediate. We may ask for proof, please do not be offended if we do.

2) You are a 501c3 rescue, organization, or sanctuary and the need is immediate, part of a veterinary protocol, or a "rush" in general is needed. Proof may be requested.

3) If allowed an "Order Bump", please keep in mind that "Rush" type items will be strictly FOOD based and not treats or other goodies. This may include: Chops, Better Bites, Herbals, and Supplements needed for the health of the bird. Treats and toys are not considered a "need" in this aspect, and we thank you for understanding. 

 We wouldn't be here without you and we care very much about each and every one of you. Please keep in mind that we are also just 2 people, working as hard and fast as we can, for sometimes upwards of 12 hours every day with no breaks. We don't take a day off, or vacations. Sometimes it's hard to make time for lunch!

We do all this work for you, so you don't have to, and you can enjoy all that time with your feathered friend. We love what we do, but quality takes time! We hope you understand this when it reaches Day 10 and you haven't received notice that your order has shipped yet. Please rest assured, it will be on the way soon! :)

Much Love to You!

Marsha M.

Founder of Wayley's Dailies