Terms and Conditions

BOGO Sale Terms and Conditions:

**Bogo Sales, whether automatic or coupon code, can not be combined with any other discount codes, and will end at 1 minute prior to Midnight CST on their ending day. You must have at least 2 qualifying items in your cart for the discount to reflect. Discount will NOT show until you click the CHECKOUT button. No limit on number of uses, how many products, or sizes unless otherwise noted.

Discount is ONLY for the categories listed and will not reflect on other items. For example, the Better Bites Bogo is only on Better Bites. You will not see any other items reflect the Bogo discount. Just like any other store, our store system automatically discounts the least expensive items in your cart and we cannot change this! My suggestion is to use the BOGO to your advantage and get the more expensive items so that you save the most! They do NOT have to be 2 of the same item to qualify! Any combination of any products in the selected categories are included!

Only the items listed in the selected categories are Bogo for each sale. We run them frequently, so if something you wanted wasn't on sale today, don't worry! It might be soon! Use the "Product Categories" selection on the top of the page, and look through those categories that are on Bogo. If it is in that category, it's for sale. If not, it's not. The banner at the top of the main/home page will show which items are on Bogo Sale, and when the sale runs.

We do not double items automatically during Bogo sales. That would be giving double free items. You cannot also use a free shipping code with the Bogo discount. If you order a quantity of 1 of something, that is the quantity you will receive. There are zero exceptions to this unless you have spoken with me directly and I have told you differently.

I do not, and will not, continue to make sale exceptions outside of the sale window. Do not come to me on Wednesday and ask me to give you sale prices on the Bogo that ran over the weekend. If you miss the sale, you miss it. You'll have to wait for the next one. I post on my personal Facebook page, on our store Facebook page, and on the forum, Avian Avenue many days prior to the sales. It is not my responsibility to remind you of sales, or make a special exception for you because you missed it.

All that being said, If you still have any issues using the discount, or encounter problems, please message me on Facebook, or call/text my number found on the store.

Basic Terms and Conditions

NO IN RULE: As we deal with pet food products, we cannot accept the return of product, even if it is unopened. The reason for this is we would risk the possible contamination of other products, ourselves, and our facility. For example, you received your order but wish to send it back. You've been feeling a bit under the weather, but you wave at the mailman, handle the box, bring it inside your home and set it on your table. You go about your day and the following day decide to hand it back to the mailman and send it back to us. The box has been exposed to your germs, and those within your home, including the (for example only) PDF positive conure you originally bought the food for. The box ships back to me, and I have no idea what it has been exposed to and I bring it inside. Now I have just contaminated myself with your Flu, and my products with possible contamination from your ill bird. So, as a flat out general rule (as in no exceptions ever) we do not accept returned product. This is called a "No In", meaning nothing comes in unless we are certain of its contents and exposures. Period.

Refunds: If you are unhappy with wait time you can request a refund, and your request will be handled by the end of that business day generally. However there are a few exceptions. If your order has already shipped and left our hands, we cannot issue a refund. Furthermore, we cannot refund partial orders, it's a headache and we don't like the bookkeeping involved.