First, it is worth mentioning that we are not a large factory. We are a husband and wife team, with the added employed help of our adult son. That's it! We have leased a small shop location where all production, inspection, packaging, and shipping is done.

My husband works outside of Wayley's, and my son and I are full time at Wayley's. If you call or message, and I do not answer, it's not that you are being ignored. It's because we are essentially two people, making all these yums, as quickly as we can!

We also no longer ship partial orders! Your entire order will ship out as one, even if it must be packed in several boxes, they will all ship on the same day, with separate tracking numbers for each box.

We get asked a lot about our shipping times, so here is a full, realistic breakdown on possible shipping wait times for specific items, and exactly why some items may incur a longer wait versus other items.

*Please keep the following in mind when placing orders. We are not Amazon Prime. Please do not place a large order on Friday night and expect it to be shipping out Monday! Orders are processed in the order they're received, and there are orders ahead of yours. We thank you for your understanding!

Better Bites (our pellets) - FAST SHIPPING (1 week or less generally):

Due to being able to produce these fairly quickly, and in large quantities, most orders of Better Bites will ship within the week they are ordered. Our Better Bites Bogo Box is also guaranteed to ship within the week ordered UNLESS it is ordered with other, longer wait time items. If you need Better Bites right away, but are also wanting to order other items, you can place two orders with one being just your Better Bites, to ensure they arrive quickly. 

Mash Mixes, Pasta or Rice Dinners, Birdy Breads - FAST SHIPPING:

Most orders of these items can be made and shipped within the week ordered, UNLESS ordered with other longer wait time items. If you need these items right away, but are also wanting to order other items, you can place two orders with one being just Fast Shipping items, to ensure they arrive quickly. 

Toys - NORMAL SHIPPING (generally 7-10 days):

As we now create our own toy line, in addition to our foods, some toys may take a couple days to produce. I generally use the weekends, when I cannot ship packages, to create as many toys as I can to help keep the wait times minimal, however, as they may take a few days it is worth mentioning that you may experience a short wait for them.

Sprouts - LONGER SHIPPING TIMES POSSIBLE (up to 10-14 days):

We grow all of our sprout blends here on site. Most sprouts must soak for 24 hours, then sprout for 3-4 days, then dry for 24 hours. We also have limited space for sprouting, for sanitation and quality control. This means that when you order a sprout blend, if it is not currently in stock, or isn't already started, you may experience a wait of up to 10-14 days. We advise ordering sprouts ahead of time so you don't run out! Or, try sprouting our blends yourself at home!

Dried Fruits, Veggies, Chop Blends - LONGER SHIPPING TIMES POSSIBLE (10-14 days+ possible):

We currently own 4 drying units, each with 25 racks for drying items. To produce a finished 5 Pound Chop blend, the produce needed will fill ONE of these dryers completely. The drying cycle takes a minimum of 24 hours. If an order contains several 5 Pound Chops, a longer wait time will be experienced, as we cannot use all 4 dryers to fill just one order. We do our best to keep most Chop Blends in stock, as available, to help speed shipping, but it is worth noting that you may experience a wait of 10-14 days for 5 Pound Chop blends, possibly longer wait times for orders of multiple 5 Pound Chop blends, or orders that contain a varied mix of dry items.

Our New and Improved Faster Shipping Procedure:

As we are packing your order, if a certain is not currently available, a similar item of equal or greater value, will be substituted if available. We will NOT substitute special diet items, but we may substitute their SIZE if applicable.

For example, if your order calls for VitaBalls, but we only have VitaMinis in stock, you might receive the VitaMinis in our efforts to get orders out as quickly as possible. However, if your order is for Cranberry Oat cookies, we would not substitute Calming Cookies, as those are a special diet item.

In the event that no suitable substitute is available in a timely manner, you might receive a gift certificate for the amount of the product missing, plus an additional amount as our apology for any inconvenience the missing item might cause you. This gift certificate can be used by you, or given to anyone of your choosing! It is only good for the amount listed on it, and can only be used once, but it is usable on anything in the store!

*If you want to avoid any wait at all, but you're wanting a varied mix of dried fruits, veggies, sprouts, toys, and Chop blends, please consider our monthly, or one time purchase, IncrediBox option, as those boxes are filled first with any seasonal or limited availability items, and IncrediBox is always guaranteed to ship within the week ordered! IncrediBox can be purchased once, or as a recurring monthly subscription!