VIP Membership

To make shopping more efficient for certain customers, we offer a special VIP area just for them. This area features exclusive items, select or limited availability items, discounted items, and more. There are currently 4 ways to become a Wayley's VIP Member.

  • Be one of the Rescues we support,
  • Be one of our Retail Store Wholesale accounts,
  • Be a long time (6 months+) returning customer, or
  • Be a subscriber of the IncrediBox monthly subscription.

If you currently fit any of the above criteria, you will see that you are automatically now a VIP member! Upon login, you will see the gold VIP badge VIP beside your name. Clicking on the badge will take you directly to the VIP Members Only Page.

As a VIP Member, you will also enjoy:

  • Discounted product prices, when available
  • 500 Free extra Beak Bucks every month! Spend them on anything you'd like or save them up for bigger prizes!
  • Access to limited stock items, as available
  • Access to the VIP Members page (only visible to those with VIP status)
  • Access to items not available for sale anywhere else on the site
  • Expedited, or prioritized shipping, if available for your order
  • Special updates, exclusives, and pre-sale "heads ups"

If you are not currently a VIP Member, you can still become one! If the first 3 ways don't apply to you, you can earn VIP status by being a monthly subscriber to our IncrediBox. (Unfortunately, the one time purchases of IncrediBox do not qualify, sorry for any inconvenience!)

Please Note: If you become a VIP Member by subscribing to our IncrediBox (any size box grants VIP Status!), you must maintain your subscription in good standing, to remain a VIP Member. You may cancel your subscription at any time, of course, however your VIP status will go with it.

*Good Standing Subscriptions: No missed or failed payments, No reversals, No chargebacks, No subscription pause longer than 45 days, No cancellations.

**VIP Membership is NOT based on the amounts you spend, favoritism, friendship, special favors, or "buy-in". VIP Membership IS based on Customer Loyalty, Support, as well as those we support. We apologize if this makes anyone feel excluded, as that is not our intention. However, we do like our Loyal Supporters to know just how important they are to us. :)

*Please Remember: VIP Membership Status is a PRIVILEGE, not a right. It can, and will be revoked at our discretion, if we see it is being abused.