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This chop blend is just as beautiful and fragrant as it is healthy. This stunning Chop will entice your bird with all the smells and flavors of springtime! Makes your house smell amazing too!
Due to the amount of edible kosher herbs and flowers in this blend, you may experience an "herby" smell. This is completely normal, and not overpowering. In fact, your bird will LOVE it!
*Seasonal Availability! October 30th end, or when we're sold out!*
**Drying foods take time! Like all of our products, this item is made completely from scratch. Produce takes a bit longer than some other items. We get fresh produce delivered daily, which we then wash and prepare for drying. Drying cycle takes 24 hours for most produce. Certain very 'wet' produce items (like celery, apples, grapes, etc) can take much longer to dry completely. Please keep in mind when ordering this item that it may be 7-10 days before this item ships. We do our best to be as speedy as possible, but where the health of your bird is concerned, we can't rush. Please be patient, and order as early as possible to avoid running low! Thank you!
Bountiful Bouquet Ingredients:

*Sweet Peas, *Garden Beans, *Celery, Basil, *Carrots, *Fuji Apple, *Shredded Sweet Potato, *Whole Rolled Oats, *Lentil Sprouts, *Shredded Cabbage, Alfalfa Shreds, Dried Mealworms, *Chickpea Sprouts, *Baby Spinach, *Soaked Whole Barley, *Whole Jasmine Rice, *Radishes, *Rosehip, *Rose Petals and Buds Kosher, *Calendula Flowers, *Mustard Greens, *Lavender Buds, *Rooibos Chia, *Hibiscus Flowers, *Rosemary, *Parsley, *Cilantro, *Thyme, *Soaked Whole Oat Groats, *Whole Chamomile, *Lemon Zest, *Dandelion Leaf, and *Baby Kale. 

*Denotes Certified Organic Ingredient.

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Tanya S.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Excellent products!

I was referred by a bird Facebook group to Wayleys Dailies and have never looked back . My parrotlet is eating so much healthier with their products and gets excited when I open up the bag at breakfast!

Ruth J.
United States United States
I recommend this product

My birds love it!

I purchased the Bountiful Bouquet chop. I served it rehydrated and all my birds (16 if them) ate it on the first try! Tomorrow I'll let them try it right from the bag. Beautiful looking food (and smelled amazing!), packaging was securely sealed and spotless. Wonderful experience. I'll be back for sure!

Stephanie S.
United States United States

She’s surprisingly loving it.

I was hesitant on ordering this because my caique likes her food fresh or warm but let me tell you she dug right in and is loving it. Thank you.

George C.
United States

Spring Blend

Thanks for finding a reduced shipping cost.

George L.
United States

Escargo Begonia

Loved it. Really healthy.