Ekkie Bites

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At Wayley's, we try to make things as simple as possible when it comes to feeding your babies, so you can spend all that extra time with them! Caring for an Ekkie is a little more complicated than the average bird, but we're here to help! We've always offered customization, but now we've made it even easier! No more searching around or leaving notes! Here you can simply pick the flavor and size of Better Bites you'd like and all will be sent without added vitamins and minerals, making them a safe addition to the daily diet of your Eclectus parrots, or other vitamin sensitive friends.

Select the flavor (we now offer them all with Bits as well!) you'd like from the first box, then select the quantity you'd like from the second. Easy as that! No more notes to remember! :) If you would like more than 10 Pounds, just change the quantity! The price will reflect in your cart! :)

Coming Soon! Ekkie Bitties, our smaller version of Better Bites! :)