Festive Feast Chop - Winter Blend

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Let your bird enjoy all the festive flavors of the season in this delicious winter flavor themed Chop! This Chop is packed with all the Festive Winter colors, smells, and flavors! For those of us who remember stringing popcorn and cranberries into an edible winter treat for the outdoor birds, this one is sure to bring back some memories. I know it does for me. This Chop smells AMAZING and it's so pretty in greens, reds, and whites! *PopCorn can be left out, or packed separately for better rehydrating. Simply leave a comment in the notes!*
Now Available in 5# Bulk bags at a discount! Stock up and save!
Festive Feast Ingredients:
*Arugula, Alfalfa, *Baby Spinach, *Baby Kale, Basil, *Broccoli, *Brussels sprouts, *Chard, *Carrots, *Celery, *Cranberries, *Cauliflower, *Chamomile, *Green Garden Beans, *Green Speckled Peas, *Ground Ginger, *Ground Cloves, *Hot Red Peppers, *Lentil Sprouts, *Mustard Greens, *Peppermint, *Prickly Pears, *Radish, *Celery, *Green Bell Pepper, *White Popcorn (Dry Air Popped), *Red Bell Pepper, *Soaked Rolled Oats, *Soaked Red and White Quinoa, *Soaked Buckwheat, *Soaked White Millet, *Super Sprouts, *Sweet Peas, *Soaked Whole Oats, *Soaked Brown Rice, *Soaked Jasmine Rice, *Soaked Winter Wheat & *Zucchini.
*Denotes Certified Organic Ingredient.
Our mixes are NOT random. There's real science here! Healthy fruits and vegetables offer nutritional benefits you won't find in corn-based pellets. 
Red Bell PepperEssential to bird's immune system, kidneys, skin, and feathers. Good Source of folates and Vitamin C.
Cranberries: Benefits the digestive tract and improves immune function. Good source of Vitamins C, E, K, B6, and Potassium.
Swiss Chard: Boosts brain function, enhances immunity. Excellent source of Vitamins K, A, C, E, B2, Copper, Calcium, and Iron.
*Please note: This is a seasonal chop blend, and as such certain produce may only be available seasonally. In that case, similar items will be substituted.

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Julie A.

My birds loved this from day 1

All of my birds love this mix. Even my flock birds had to have separate dishes for each one of them because they wanted to fight over it. It’s so nice to have the benefit of an avian nutrition expert. Marsha has a customer for life!

Cassandra S.
United States United States

Amazing quality

First, the bag is huge and stuffed, so it will last a while with my crew of small birds. Everything looked fresh and smelled good dry. Mine prefer it soaked, but be warned the cranberries will turn everything red. This might not be the chop for you if your bird has an aversion to red :p Overall, I am very happy with this chop. It makes feeding fruits and veggies easy, has a lot of variety, and since it's dried it will last longer.

Samantha T.
United States United States


My conure is a fan of several of your chops, but absolutely ADORES this one. It smells great, is fresh, easy to feed and she has loved it from the first taste

Melody J.
United States

I love these products

My Macaw is still testing the items I ordered. She's a very picky eater, but is trying them all. She seems to like Hearty Harvest the best. I love that you can feed it dry or rehydrate. I'm looking forward to trying more products for my picky eater!

Kate S.

So much in one bag!

I have a lot of birds and this bag seems endless, which is great because they eat every bit of it!