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Variety is the Spice of Life, even for those tiny beaks! So, we added a few new varieties to our popular Gourmet Grains.

Now, this isn't your everyday, grocery store "bird seed". While it is designed to replace a "seed feed" for small birds, or seed-addicted birds, this product is the first of its kind. Its uses are endless! And, like all of our products, we use NO SUNFLOWER or ANIMAL FIELD CORN in our grain blends!

Gourmet Grains advantages over grocery store bird seed blends:

  • All Organic, and Human Grade food. You can feel good knowing you are feeding a real, whole, natural food.
  • No artificial colors, salts, sugars, preservatives, or other unnatural additives.
  • No "dead seeds". Our mix will sprout at least at a 99% sprout ratio because these are fresh, live "seeds"!
  • No empty hulls, or heavy fillers. Our blend is 100% edible. This means no waste, and that saves you money!
  • The only "bird seed" available that you can soak, sprout, cook, mix into a birdy bread, sprinkle on chop, scramble with an egg, etc. Be creative! :)

You can feed this mix dry, or you can soak and sprout it! You can also cook it! When cooked, this blend becomes a nutty, multigrain delight about the consistency of something like Malt o Meal, with bits! Keep in mind if sprouting this blend, we suggest a full wash before you soak, to remove the food bits (veggies and fruit) to prevent spoilage. This blend is best soaked, rather than sprouted. For a more sproutable blend, try the Original Gourmet Grains blend.

Instructions for cooking:  Add 1 part Gourmet Grain Mix to 4 parts boiling water. Reduce heat to medium and continue cooking for 20 to 30 minutes stirring occasionally. Remove from heat and serve.

*Sold in 1 pound ($11.99/lb), 3 pound ($10.19/lb), 5 pound ($9.79/lb), and 10 pound ($7.59/lb) bags! Save by buying in bulk!*

As with all of our products, we use only Human Grade foods. This means that everything in this "seed" blend is completely edible for you too! We don't buy or use animal feed grade products that sit in damp warehouses, sometimes for months before they ship to stores! By using only Human Grade foods, we ensure that everything in our products has passed rigorous inspections, to be sure it's safe enough, while not intended for, for Human consumption.

Gourmet Grains - Tropical Oasis Ingredients:

*White Millet, *Buckwheat Groats, *Red Quinoa, *White Quinoa, *Toasted Coconut, *Ground Banana, *Ground Oranges, *Ground Papaya, *Ground Mango, *Ground Pineapple, *Whole Oat Groats, *Hard Red Wheat, *Soft White Wheat, *Cracked Barley, *Cracked Rye, *Cornmeal, *Ground Brown Rice, *Ground Millet, *Ground Buckwheat, *Wheat Grass, and *Flax Seeds.

Gourmet Grains – SAVORY SAVANNAH Ingredients:

*White Millet, *Buckwheat Groats, *Red Quinoa, *White Quinoa, *Ground Corn, *Ground Peas, *Ground Green Beans, *Ground Carrots, *Kale, *Spinach, *Mustard Greens, *Thyme, *Rosemary, *Oregano, *Cilantro, *Whole Oat Groats, *Hard Red Wheat, *Soft White Wheat, *Cracked Barley, *Cracked Rye, *Cornmeal, *Ground Brown Rice, *Ground Millet, *Ground Buckwheat, *Wheat Grass, and *Flax Seeds.

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Dianne A.
I recommend this product

Grains of Goodness

Feeding your bird or birds Gourmet Grains is one of the best ways there is to get the important nutrients for good health into them. There are various ways you can serve the grains. I put them in to the coconut shell that is sold on this web page. It looks so natural too. You wont find such good nutrition in other bird foods out there! .

Michael a.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Fantastic mix of healthy grains and fruit

This is the new bedtime treat for my four conures. my conures prefer it dry and bowls are empty in the morning.