"Jelly Filled" DoNuts!

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Ok, they aren't really donuts, and they aren't filled with jelly, but they ARE a bird friendly tasty alternative! These adorable "frosted" donuts were cute as is, but then we took things a step further and filled them! Yummy! Available by the 1/2 dozen, or dozen!

Berry Jelly Filled DoNuts Ingredients:

Donut: *Coconut Flour, *Wheat Flour, *Ground Flax seed, *Ground Soaked Quinoa, *Safflower Oil, Ceylon Cinnamon. Glaze: *Coconut Oil, *Pure Raw Coconut Sugar, and *Almond Flour. Berry Filling: *Strawberries, *Blueberries, *Cranberries, *Raspberries, *Coconut Milk, *Coconut Oil, and *Almond Flour.

*Denotes Certified Organic Ingredient.