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New to the world of Avian Teas? We can help! Simply steep (put the tea in their water dish and allow it to sit), stir around a bit until the water is all a rich and fragrant color. Scoop out the tea bits (or leave them in! Your choice!) and toss, or for extra benefits, add them to your birds chop! By the way, YOU can enjoy this tea with your friend, too!  

**All Tea blends are now sold in multiple sizes! Stock up and save! Be Prepared for those hormones! "Try It" pouch is enough for roughly 5 portions/servings. "Like It" pouch is enough for roughly 10 portions/servings. "Love It" bag is roughly 20 servings!**

This super fresh blend features a delicious mix of Spearmint, Peppermint, Crushed Mint, and Moroccan mint. (*Shown with our optional Tea Buddy Rice Paper Disposable Tea Bags, sold separately.)