Red Beans and Rice Dinner

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Louisiana styled, this Cajun dinner kit packs just the right amount of heat to entice beaks of all sizes! A real Southern favorite, we've made this classic dish Bird-friendly and nutritious.

All of our Pasta and Rice Dinners, Mash Mixes, and Oatmeals are now sold in 1 and 3 pound packages, which is enough for many servings!

Red Beans and Rice Ingredients:

Organic *Jasmine Rice, *Soaked Red Adzuki Beans, Cayenne, *Flaked Red Pepper, *Red Bell Pepper, *Sweet Baby Peppers, Our Fan Favorite Ragin' Cajun Corn (*Corn soaked in Jalapeno juice with *Jalapenos, *Red and Green Chilis, *Banana Peppers, *Hot Red Peppers, and *Crushed Red Pepper), and Ceylon Cinnamon.

*Denotes Certified Organic Ingredient.