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New to the world of Avian Teas? We can help! Simply steep (put the tea in their water dish and allow it to sit), stir around a bit until the water is all a rich and fragrant color. Scoop out the tea bits (or leave them in! Your choice!) and toss, or for extra benefits, add them to your birds chop!

**All Tea blends are now sold in multiple sizes! Stock up and save! Be Prepared for those hormones! "Try It" pouch is enough for roughly 5 portions/servings. "Like It" pouch is enough for roughly 10 portions/servings. "Love It" bag is roughly 20 servings!**

This blend is very much like a delicious spiced apple cider with tea notes, for your feathered friends. Made with a 100% Organic Ginger Green Tea blended with Ceylon Cinnamon and Apples.