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30 count pack (monthly supply). Feed 1 VitaBall daily for healthy birds. Feed 2 VitaBalls daily to breeding or laying females to increase their daily calcium intake. Recommended for all birds, but even more highly recommended for:
  • Breeding females
  • Egg Laying Females
  • Preventing Egg Binding in Females
  • Any bird recovering from stress, illness, or surgical procedures
  • Birds going through a molt
  • Any bird who is not eating a full, complete diet, or is not otherwise getting all the daily Vitamins they need.


VitaBall Ingredients:

*Rice Flour, *Almond Flour, *Coconut Flour, *Sweet Potatoes, *Butternut Squash, *Dandelion Leaves, *Raspberry Leaves, *Flaked (non-sweetened) Coconut, *Raw Coconut Palm Sugar, *Chamomile Kosher, *Soaked Red and White Quinoa, *Soaked White Millet, *Soaked Buckwheat, Ceylon Cinnamon, *Coconut Oil, *Almond Butter, *Cashew Butter, *Whole Eggs, Avian Full Spectrum Vitamin Supplement (Calcium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Iodide Salt, Yeast, Nutri-Vets Secial Milk Protein, Magnesium Oxide USP, Calcium Phosphate USP Liver Powder, D-Alpha Tocopherol Acetate, Choline Chloride, Paraaminobenzoic Acid NF, Ascorbic Acid USP, Vitamin A Acetate, D-Calcium USP, Zinc Oxide USP, Hesperidine Complex, Citrus Bioflavanoids Complex, Beta Carotene FCC, Cholecalcifferol (Vitamin D3), Rutin NF, Folic Acid USP, Sodium Selinite, Potassium Iodide, Menadione NF (Source of Vitamin K), Cianacobalamin Concentrate USP (Source of Vitamin B12), and Biotin.)

*Denotes Certified Organic Ingredient.

What do these things add to your bird's daily diet?


Butternut squash: Very high in Vitamins A, C, E, B6, Potassium, Beta-carotene and Magnesium. Vitamin A is essential to a bird’s immune system, kidneys, skin and feathers.
Dandelion leaves: Excellent source of Iron, Folate, Copper, Phosphorus and high in Fiber. Strengthens bones, settles digestion, and lowers blood sugar.
Sweet potatoes: An excellent source of vitamins B2, B1, B6, Fiber, Pantothenic acid, and Manganese. Boosts brain function, and enhances immunity.
CoconutZinc, Folic acid, Lauric acid (has natural antibacterial and antiviral activities), contains large amounts of chain fatty acids. Helps lower bad cholesterol.
Ceylon cinnamon: Vitamins K, E, Iron and Calcium. High in antioxidant, anti-diabetic, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. 
Chamomile: Vitamin A, Folate, Fluoride, and Magnesium. Improves digestion, pain-reducing abilities, and antioxidant qualities. Reduces anxiety, calms the body and mind. Natural gentle sedative properties.
Coconut oil: Medium chain triglycerides. Lauric acid is reported to contain antimicrobial benefits, and is a great source of fatty acids.
Peanut butter: Excellent source of packed and digestible protein.
Whole eggs (shell included): An excellent source of healthy animal protein, calcium, and essential amino acids to help brain and liver function.
Several ways to feed: 
  • Offer as is, as a "treat" for birds in good health who will take "treats". 
  • Crumble and mix with their current diet
  • Crumble and combine with warm water (or almond milk, natural fruit juice, herbal tea, etc) and serve as a slurry soup. This is a good choice for birds with beak damage, recovering from surgery or illness, weaning birds, or any other bird who prefers a softer option than a crunchy "treat".
**Daily nutrition calculated based on the lowest average weight of a small to medium sized bird, like conures. Larger birds may have 2 treats per day. We suggest first thing in the morning and again in the evening before bedtime. Pair with Chamomile tea for an additional bedtime calming effect.**

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I can’t believe I have finally found something my picky umbrella cockatoo loves. Now I can rest easy knowing that she is getting the nutrition she needs to stay healthy. Thank you and I will be a regular customer

Kate S.

GW devoured veggie balls!

My GW can be a stuck up snob when it comes to food! He liked what the veggie balls looked like then said “mmmm” very loud as he savored every bite - it was hysterical! Who knew fantastic nutrition could be so tasty?!